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Haith's School Bird Watch 2016

Friday, 20th May 2016

Back in February this year we decided to launch a junior bird watch, trying to encourage school children to take part in feeding their local birds and identifying which species of birds prefer different food.

Our focus was on a primary school in Newhaven, East Sussex. The children agreed to watch and count the different birds that visited their wildlife garden for a whole month.

For around fifteen minutes a day, the whole school, around two hundred children took part.

Scattering a mixture of wild bird food, dried mealworms and niger seed, onto the ground and in feeders, the birds’ soon appeared.

The children recorded that Blackbirds Goldfinches, Sparrows and Blue Tits came to feed on the seed. The most popular birds in their garden were Starlings and Collared Doves.

The feedback we received from the staff and pupils is very important to us but we particularly enjoyed looking at the drawings the children sent.
Baby Chick


Encouraging children to take an interest in birds and nature is a very important part of childhood.

From the beauty of woodlands to coastal and urban areas, nature is all around us. So now the weather has improved, take the opportunity to explore your local area – you’ll be amazed at what you find.

You never know you, may be very lucky and spot one of these on your travels, especially if you have a pond.
kids drawing of a heron

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