We love our bird feeding community. The press talk about “citizen science” like it’s a new thing – but active members of our community have been sharing what’s happening in their gardens for many years and because we’re collecting data from all over the UK we can see national trends. Take, for example, the incline in Goldfinch population – you told us that was happening over ten years ago.

And by collating data delivered to us by customer comments, feedback, reviews and sales popularity, we’re often able to share what other community members think about products and the processes they use to feed lots of birds. Sharing natural history knowledge is certainly good for garden birds.
According to our community, here are our Top 10 most popular squirrel-resistant feeders:

Cage food Tray


Nuttery Cage Seed Feeder

Premium Metal Peanut Feeders

Cage Suet Feeder

The  Nuttery Peanut Feeder

The  Onyx Seed Feeder

The  Nuttery cage suet feeder

Squirrel Buster Seed Feeder

Giant 12 Port seed feeder

The Top 10 is a list of the most popular squirrel-resistant feeders over the past three years; however, here are two newcomers to our catalogue that are on the edge of breaking into the Top 10...
Ultimate Peanut FeederHaithsSquirrel Buster Mini