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Haith's - Trusted Bird Food Specialist Since 1937.

Friday, 31st January 2014

Welcome to Haith’s - the bird food specialist since 1937. Select from the UK’s most comprehensive and expertly blended range of bird food.
Backed with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, customer service you can rely on and real people you can to talk to on a free phone number. Simply call 0800 298 7054 for help & advice.

We clean and blend all our own bird food and source significant volumes of bird seed from local Lincolnshire farmers where possible. We’re serious about the welfare of Britain’s birds, which means we only supply high quality, safe and nutritious bird food all at fair prices.

We’re serious about the welfare of Britain’s birds and we know you are too. Our bird food is good enough to be backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s another thing you’d expect from a bird food specialist that’s celebrating its 75th Anniversary. But a bird food specialist should be able to answer your bird feeding questions, be knowledgeable, easy to talk to and you shouldn’t necessarily have to pay for advice should you? We agree! That’s why we’ve maintained our freephone number when many have relinquished theirs, and only Haith’s trained bird food experts answer the free phone.

Bird food direct from the manufacturer, Haith's. 

We’re proud to call ourselves a British manufacturer and whilst it may seem strange to think of bird food being “manufactured” that’s exactly what happens at Haith’s. That said you might be surprised to learn that very few bird food companies are indeed manufacturers, which is a major point of difference as we get to control what goes into every bag of bird food. We don’t just put any old bird seed into our high quality bird food mixes.

High quality bird food at fair prices

We source large volumes of bird seed from local Lincolnshire farmers and each single seed goes through a rigorous cleaning process, which is why Haith’s bird foods are amongst the cleanest and safest bird foods available in the UK. We’re serious about the welfare of Britain’s birds, which means we only supply high quality, safe and nutritious bird food all at fair prices.

We’re the only bird food company approved by Bill Oddie

We work with wildlife expert, Bill Oddie: he’s our resident bird expert and has been for more than ten years. He enjoys working with the bird food experts at Haith’s so much that he now has his own range – Bill Oddie’s Bird Food Recipes®, which is available from ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Wilkinson & Waitrose. 

Feed more birds for less when you buy bird food in bulk

We've been encouraging customers to buy in bulk for many years, but we've never really gone into detail as to how this works. Do you know how much cheaper it is per kg when purchasing a bigger weight? Well we would like to bring to your attention a little exercise which does, indeed, show you how to feed more birds for less when you buy in bulk from Haith's. 

Buying bird food direct from the manufacturer makes sense because

• our prices are typically lower • we manufacture virtually all our own bird foods under one roof
• unlike many others, we don’t have a secondary distribution centre
• we specialize in bird food – we don’t sell tea towels, books or videos. Just bird food.
• We supply direct to your door
• We have complete control over our product

We invest in the future of bird food and Britain’s birds

The Haith’s BirdCare Centre is where we research and develop the UK’s most comprehensive range of seeds and foods for birds. Our purpose built factory, with integrated offices, has created quality research space, and allowed us to modernize our machinery so that we now have a market-leading hygienic bird food plant. Whilst Haith’s have always had a reputation for supplying superclean seed the new premises and necessary investment has guaranteed that birds are safe with Haith’s for future generations of bird keeping professionals. 

This is good news, because…

• seeds are cleaner 
• mixes are more consistent
• foods are fresher
• order processing is faster
• delivery is quicker

We’re cleaner to do business with because we manage our waste recycling and use of utilities better. For example, because our seed is superclean we generate waste husk; however, we’re compacting this waste material into fuel briquettes. These will, eventually, be used to heat the office space.

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