'Handcrafted' bird food by Haith's - here's why: 

Grain dust is produced when harvesting, drying, handling, storing and processing seed - which is why all Haith's bird food
re SuperCLEAN™ - here's how we do it...

Why (and how) we give our bird seed the toughest workout in Britain:
1. Grain dust is created during harvesting

2. Uncleaned bird seed can damage a bird's respiratory system, alimentary tract or worse
3. Seeds are brought to Haith's for super cleaning

4.  We super-clean and screen each seed

5. Seed is inspected and passed (or rejected) by Haith's QC

6. Once cleaned, screened and QC checked - it's off to the consumer

7. Super clean, high-quality bird seed makes for happy, healthy birds

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