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Bring cupid to your garden during National Nest Box Week with a best box

Friday, 1st February 2019

National Nest Box Week is a traditional part of the birding calendar. It runs for a week from 14th February each year.

National Nest Box Week provides a welcome focus on nesting birds and we encourage everyone to get involved and to put up nest boxes in their local area, whether you’re a family with space for a box in your garden, a member of a local wildlife, a teacher, or you belong to a bird club.
National Nest Box Week gives you the chance to help the conservation in the UK while you are receiving the pleasure of noticing breeding birds that are attracted to your garden.

Classic Nest Box
Our Classic Nest Box is a best-seller, made from FSC certified timber, this lovely nest box is great for attracting Great Tits, Sparrows and Pied Flycatchers. It also has the added benefit of having a removable front to allow access to robins. This basic but functional nest box would not look out of place in any style of garden.

Giant Bird Nester

If you are hoping to attract smaller nesting birds then the Giant Bird Nester could be what you are looking for. It has a sturdy inner frame which supports a brushwood exterior with an integral fixing loop. It is 250mm high, 160mm wide and 170mm deep. This natural looking nest is both sturdy and practical.

Sparrow Tower

In recent years we have seen a big decline in the sparrow population and it is increasingly difficult for sparrows to find a traditional nesting place. Our stylish Sparrow Tower is a big 500mm tall and weighing a hefty 4.1 kg. It has a fashionable zinc roof which should keep any occupants completely dry.
Siting nest boxes is an important affair. The main thing to consider is protection from predators and the elements. Ideally, nest boxes should be in position by October/November as this gives them a chance to weather into their surroundings and any potential occupants to get used to them. Our advice is to put up as soon as possible if not. 
Nest boxes should be fixed at around 5’ to 6’ high and out of full sun and prevailing winds. It is worth remembering though that birds nest at different heights – from ground level to treetop.
There should be an uninterrupted flight path to the entrance of the nest box and preferably a lack of places where predators, like cats, can lie in wait.
If you are lucky enough to be successful and your box becomes inhabited then please keep any inspection to a minimum and be considerate when gardening or pruning as you may reveal the nest to the local cat or other predators like rats, mice or squirrels.

Nest Box Week

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