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High Energy Winter Bird Food

Friday, 15th December 2017

With winter almost upon us, garden birds need our help and we have some energy busting seeds and mixes that will help them thrive during even the coldest of months.
Our 100% edible Huskfree Advance bird food with suet pellets leaves no waste to clear up. It's packed with calories to help birds make it through to spring. 

Huskfree Advance with Suet Pellets

Our Autumn/Winter mix has extra oil and high-energy goodness for autumn and winter bird feeding. It contains tiny hulled seeds for smaller birds and is always popular during our annual bird food trials. It's ideal for Blackbirds, Robins, House Sparrows and all members of the tit family.

Autumn Winter mix

Haith's premium quality Sunflower Hearts herald from European seeds - unlike many other sunflower hearts on the market (which could come from South America, China, and North America). We purchase quality sunflowers to reduce the carbon (and product degradation) involved in shipping.
Sunflower Hearts appeal to so many garden birds – no wonder they’ve overtaken peanuts as the number one garden bird food of choice. They’re worshipped by Goldfinches who, in some parts of the UK, prefer them to Niger Seed. We're unsure why some charms of Goldfinch seem perfectly happy to feed on sunflowers rather than Niger Seed and vice versa. It's one of life's mysteries. Our best guess is that some birds instinctively understand that Niger also has tonic properties - something bird-keepers have known for many years.

Sunflower hearts

We've been providing high-quality bird food for garden birds since 1937. Cheap wildlife food can be full of dust, debris and waste husk and is harmful to birds. Our super clean high-quality seed makes for happy and healthy birds. Therefore, whichever mix you pick, you and your garden birds are safe with Haith's.


Have a lovely Christmas and super New Year.
Best wishes
Angela and Chris

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