“In 1947 my Grandfather, John 'Ted' Haith, bought a war damaged three storey chapel in Cleethorpes to expand the growing bird seed business he founded in 1937. He spent many months repairing the bomb damage and strengthening the building with new steel stanchions, he laid new floors ready for the installation of state-of-the-art seed cleaning machinery.

As the business grew over the following years, offices were built on the site of an old army Nissen Hut next to the factory and an old store room was used as a machine room for repairing cotton sacks, which at that time were used to send out the seed. These sacks were then returned by customers for credits on their next orders.

Customers’ orders at that time were delivered by British Rail to Royal Mail sorting offices and Royal Mail vans delivered the orders directly to customers’ homes.

Through the years cleaning, mixing and packing seed from the Factory in Cleethorpes has been our family business.

However, as the size of the vehicles delivering the raw ingredients increased, our factory, the old chapel, in the centre of a residential area in Cleethorpes, was beginning to cause problems for neighbouring properties and it restricted us from cleaning bird seed to the SUPERCLEAN level that we’re so proud of today. The 40ft containers were trying to negotiate a mini roundabout causing traffic problems in all four directions.

It was a wonderful place with happy memories for many, but we knew the time had come to move.

So the search began, we looked for a suitable site for a purpose built Factory with a seed cleaning plant built to our own specification. Finally after about 4 years of searching we found our new home – Europarc in Grimsby. The site offers a reliable bus route, cycle lanes and car parking spaces for our staff, an attractive landscaped pond area with well maintained pathways to encourage lunch time walks to enjoy the wildlife.

This has given everyone at Haith’s the opportunity to continue seed cleaning, blending and packing to the highest standards available to ensure our customers receive the Quality, Cleanliness and Service that my Grandfather insisted upon all those years ago.” David Haith – Managing Director.