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How often should we feed the birds?

Thursday, 21st August 2014

At Haith's we encourage to feed the birds all year round in order for them to survive. Read here to find out why.
In terms of frequency, though, the actual act of filling the bird feeder, I'd like to propose that you think about it like this... are wild birds likely to consume more food than they actually require to survive? In other words, could it be that if the birds are feeding it's because their survival depends largely on their ability to consume (slightly) more calories than they burn? They eat, therefore, to survive. 

That said, the frequency of filling a feeder is something scientists have pondered over recently and they uncovered that birds are more likely to search for food first thing in the morning. With that news, why not put time aside to fill your feeder once a day first thing in the morning? That's what I do in my garden and the birds seem to appreciate it. After all, is there a sorrier sight than an empty bird feeder for garden birds? (Actually, I'm sure that a fast-approaching Sparrowhawk is less welcome - but you know what I mean). 

If there is a risk of overfeeding, it's the risk that you'll put out too much food to be consumed in one day. As a general rule of thumb, I only put out enough food for a single day of feeding. Why? Because food left overnight in a bird feeder is likely to get damp and eventually could go mouldy - why waste good seed? Keep the seed in the bag - in a cool dry place - until the birds are ready to eat it. It's only a "general rule" though as you could be cutting off a food supply for other wildlife, like Hedgehogs. You know your garden best so; do what works for you and your garden birds.

How often should we feed the birds?

When would now be a good time?! 


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