You will need

Items you will need:

Cleaning Brush
Screwdriver (if necessary)


To minimise the risk of infection and help prevent the build-up of bacteria and the transmission of diseases you must clean your feeders regularly. Follow these five easy steps on how to keep them clean:

Empty contents1 . Always wearing gloves, empty the feeder of its old contents and empty into a bin. Don’t put this on the compost heap or back in the feeder as it may contain harmful bacteria.

Scrub thoroughly 2. After filling a bucket with warm, soapy water, submerge the feeder and scrub thoroughly, with a cleaning brush, until the feeder is clean. On certain feeders, you will need a screwdriver to undo the base.

rinse with cold water3. Rinse with cold water, ideally under an outside tap and allow to dry.

Spray with Bird Friendly disinfectant4. Finally, after re-assembling your feeder, spray with a bird-friendly disinfectant, like the Safe 4 disinfectant range, leave for a few minutes then rinse off thoroughly. Allow time to dry completely before refilling with fresh seed.

Wash hands5. Wash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water or Safe 4 Hand Sanitiser.