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How to make great bird food

Tuesday, 16th February 2016

Read this blog on how Haith's have become an awarding winning company and what makes our seed so great!
This one is easy. First, one requires a multimillion pound, award-winning bird food centre. That's not to say that bird food can't be made from the back of a garage or an ageing industrial unit. It can.

However, I don't think anyone can make "great" bird food without a great manufacturing centre, and Haith's have one of the finest.

So, what makes it great?

The first thing is that every bird food technician knows how to make great bird food. In fact, they only know how to make great bird food because that's all they've ever made.

The second thing is that's it's a super clean bird food centre. We know that seed that's unclean is dangerous for birds to consume as dust and extraneous husk can damage a bird's respiratory system. I don't think that a seed mix can be great unless it's clean and I mean really clean and I don't think bird food can be made to appear clean if the manufacturing plant isn't super clean in the very first instance. In other words, the foundations of great bird food have to be a great bird food centre and that's where Haith's make great bird food.
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