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Identifying bird nests

Monday, 11th June 2018

Birds are nesting in our gardens more than ever before and if you’re lucky enough to have them building a home in your garden, you can easily learn who is living there.
Blackbirds prefer to build their nests in bushes or hedges up to 3m tall, but will sometimes go much higher in trees.

A Blackbird's nest is usually around 9cm in diameter and made up of grass and moss, it’s lined with mud and then covered with fine grass. They have two broods between March and July.
Black birds nest

Robins like to build their nests well hidden, usually in ivy, under herbaceous vegetation or on ledges on buildings or outhouses. Often very close to the ground but certainly no higher than 3m.

The nest is made up of moss on a foundation of dead leaves and lined with hair and roots. Tiny at a diameter of just 7cm they may have up to 3 broods between March and June.
Image of Robins Nest

Greenfinches sometimes nest in small groups, in low trees or bushes around 1.5m to 5m high. The nest is very untidy and made up of thin twigs, moss, and dried grass. Often lined with feathers, hair, and roots.

Greenfinches have two broods between April and July, very occasionally three.
Greenfinch nest

If you don’t have a natural site for your garden birds to nest in then we stock a great range of artificial nest boxes for all types of wild birds, please see our current range here

Please remember not to disturb nesting birds – nests, eggs, and birds are all protected by law (Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981)

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