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Love every bird

Monday, 10th December 2018

This is a story about goodwill to all birds, not just our favourite garden bird. We all enjoy watching the Robins but there are plenty of other birds to love and welcome into our gardens during winter.
We are trying to spread the essential message to love every bird, not just those who tend to get the lion's share of publicity such as Robins, Goldfinches, Blackbirds and sparrows.

It doesn't help matters when there are a number of bird foods sold at garden centres, for example, which are marketed specifically at bird species; however, generally, we think that’s a little daft because we should love every bird who graces our bird table and we should celebrate them all equally for adding flashes of natural colour and life to our gardens and they're doing their level best to survive our ever changing countryside.

We're as guilty as some for focusing on the favourites: we regularly write about the merits of our unique Goldfinch and Siskin Mix; however, these are two birds whose beaks are profiled specifically to make the most of tiny thistle-like seeds and would naturally consume oil-rich seeds in the open countryside.

Goldfinches have more recently adjusted to feed readily on Sunflower Hearts, which are popular with just about every common garden bird.

It's important to love every bird as their popularity shouldn't be taken for granted; for example, the once incredibly common Greenfinch has declined in numbers by 60% since the Big Garden Birdwatch began in 1979 and they're population has risen by 5% in recent counts.

Even if we may not know the exact role each species of bird plays in the wild it's important to consider that they're all here for a good reason. Take the Chaffinch, it's less noticeable than a sparrow because it tends to vacuum up spilt seed and feeds primarily from the ground. It seems a very polite bird - just getting on with the job of tidying up a few morsels here and there that have been thrown to the ground whilst those birds who prefer to cling and feed on a bird feeder sift and sort out their favourite seeds.

The large majority of Haith's wild bird foods have been created to feed all garden bird visitors simply because we love all birds.
However, there's a new way to spread your love for garden wildlife and nature by feeding our new 'Heart Mix' bird food recipe. This has been blended to fundraise for St Andrew's Hospice in Grimsby, N E Lincolnshire. For every bag we sell, we will donate 20% of the sale price to help the Hospice develop their wildlife garden for patients, staff, volunteers and visitors to enjoy. Please help us by purchasing a bag of 'Heart Mix' today!

And let's love every bird this winter and beyond.

Hearts Mix

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