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Make Space for Nature

Wednesday, 16th March 2005

Those of you who watched ‘Britain Goes Wild’ could not possibly have failed to notice the constant plea to pledge to do something to ‘make space for nature’. Indeed, with the appeal being made by the delightful Kate Humble, who could possibly resist?
I am happy to report that many thousands (84,000 and still counting) of you did pledge all sorts of actions. Many of these of course involved putting out bird feeders and bird food as well as birdbaths and nest boxes.  And it isn’t only the birds that are benefiting.  The idea of bee boxes proved so appealing that supplies actually failed to meet demands as garden centres and suppliers ran out of stock!  Some newspapers dubbed it the ‘Oddie effect’ (the ‘Humble effect’ I would’ve said), likening it to the ‘Delia effect’, a phrase coined when Delia Smith mentioned a certain omelette pan and caused a buying panic, thus making a fortune for a hitherto tiny kitchen utensil firm.  Well, heaven knows I would like to think that Haith’s (and other reputable bird food suppliers) have benefited from ‘Oddie Power’ (it sounds like something from a superhero movie), but of course the ones who will be really grateful are the birds!
Incidentally, I dare say you appreciate that I am not allowed to recommend any particular brands on the telly.  That applies to anything, not just bird food.  Believe me, it isn’t easy to brandish binoculars, or wear outdoor clothing without occasionally – and totally accidentally of course – flashing a logo now and then.  I don’t really understand where the BBC draws the line.  I mean, you can hardly see a footballer’s team crest amongst the various adverts on his shirt, and yet the referee gives them a yellow card if they take their shirts off (obviously the ref doesn’t work for the beeb.).  Doesn’t make sense to me.  It also seems rather unfair that manufacturers of bird food, feeders, or bird boxes can’t display a discreet logo on their products.  I’m sure the birds wouldn’t mind having ‘Haith’s’ engraved on their peanuts.  Anyway, I am allowed to ‘advertise’ here and now and I do of course highly recommend all Haith’s products, particularly the ones that have a picture of me on the packaging!

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