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Natural Nests

Monday, 16th March 2015

No garden should be devoid of nest boxes, especially if there aren’t any trees with “natural” holes and hollows in them.
If there are any hole-y or rotting tree trunks then-as long as they are safe – leave them. These are what you might call the ‘traditional homes’ that the birds had to use before nest boxes or indeed buildings. Look at your garden and think “if I were a bird, where could I nest?” Are there any holes? Not just in trees, but also in walls, or the tops of  drainpipes. Bushes and hedgerows, dense for Dunnocks, a little more open for Blackbirds and Song Thrushes. Tall trees for Jays, Magpies or Missel Thrushes. And what about the Robins? They often take to open fronted boxes, but also discarded kettles and cans, outside toilets (especially if there is a broken window pane) in a hanging  basket at the local Garden Centre, or on a shelf in the garden shed. 

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