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This is the place to find out more about new and special bird food and bird feeder offers from Haith's UK. Don't miss out, check back regularly to maximise your savings on wildlife products and be amongst the first to see what's new. Take time out with nature - add a little high-quality wild bird food in your garden and you'll be entertained by a new bunch of feathered friends in no time at all.

Garden birds need our help all year round.

Natural wild bird food can be scarce 365 days a year and not just when it's cold. In the summer, for example, you may feel wild birds have enough food in the countryside; however, they don't, they're forced to venture into our gardens in search of high-energy bird seeds and foods to help them get through the busy breeding season.

It's more important than ever to put out bird food all year round as - in more recent years - record numbers of countryside birds continue to visit our gardens where they found food and shelter after last year’s bitter winter. Recent research shows that this urbanisation of wild birds is developing into a long-term trend for a variety of species such as the very popular Goldfinch and Bullfinch.

It's Haith's bird foods objective to encourage more of us to take time out for nature and welcome wildlife into your garden. To help more people feed the birds, Haith's launches a range of subsidised bird feeders and bird foods under the umbrella 'Help to Fly' (Because they want to encourage nature lovers to feed more birds and pay less money).

In this category, you'll find new and special offers our experts have created to make the perfect range of bird food recipes available for all seasons - using only the finest natural ingredients - at more affordable prices.

Each bag of Haith's bird food is stamped with our Haith's logo - your sign of quality - and we guarantee superior quality and 100% natural goodness – because the best is undoubtedly best for Britain's wild birds.

If you're unsure how to start feeding your garden birds our advice is to keep it simple, initially. Start with a good quality bird food and buy a bird feeder that can be easily cleaned. If you've seen squirrels in the garden, buy a metal bird feeder as that's more robust. A good bird seed mix will have the birds queuing up for more and will keep you entertained for hours. On top of this, experiment with some suet treats and experiment feeding them in different areas of the garden to see what works best for your local wild bird population.

It's important to have fun and enjoy what you're doing. It's a two-way thing: what we do for birds makes them happy and what they do us makes us happy.