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New bird foods and bird feeders from Haith's UK.

New Products

Here are our latest new additions to the Haith's range of bird food and bird feeders. Our list of new products changes all the time so it's worth checking back here regularly to see if we have something special for your wildlife garden. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to browse our full range as it's one of the largest range of bird foods in Europe. Or, email enquiries@haiths.com and we'll do what we can to help you and your feathered friends.

Fat Feasts with insectsNew
Fat Feasts with insects
Hi-Energy Suet LogNew
from £2.95
Hi-Energy Suet Log
Triple Wild Bird Fat FeastsNew
Triple Wild Bird Fat Feasts
Hi-Energy Berry Suet LogNew
Hi-Energy Berry Suet Log
Fat Feasts with raisins and Sunflower HeartsNew
Fat Feasts with raisins and Sunflower Hearts
Jumbo Suet CookieNew
from £3.95
Jumbo Suet Cookie
Fat Feasts with Chopped NutsNew
Fat Feasts with Chopped Nuts
Fatball Feeder RingNew
from £8.99
Fatball Feeder Ring
Squirrel Proof Peanut FeederNew
Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder
Heavy Duty Seed FeederNew
from £12.99
Heavy Duty Seed Feeder
Squirrel Proof Ground Feeding DomeNew
Squirrel Proof Ground Feeding Dome
Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder with MealwormsNew
Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder with Mealworms

New products to feed more garden birds.

Here's the place to find new additions to the Haith's UK range of bird foods and bird feeders.

You'll find our full range of seeds, foods and feeders online; however, we're continually looking to add new products to help you attract more wild birds and feed them efficiently, and safely.

New products may well be seasonal specific, suets in autumn and winter - soft and scrumptious foods for songsters in spring and summer. One thing's for sure, whatever new products we introduce they'll have been tested by Haith's and will come with our money back guarantee.

Our advice regarding introducing new wildlife products and foods to your garden is simple: be patient. Wildlife can quite rightly be initially suspicious of new foods and feeding appliances so it's helpful to remember that birds may not immediately show any interest in your kind offering for a few days. A new bird feeder may take a few weeks; however, the birds will soon adjust and will reward you with their acrobatics daily.