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One for All - A firm favourite of Great Spotted Woodpeckers

Friday, 12th June 2020

What a few weeks it's been since I last wrote to you; I'm so very proud of the entire Haith's team for remaining agile during the COVID-19 crisis and sticking true to our objective to 'make better things.'
It's this constant drive for improvement that runs through the business and I hope we've served you well during our communal annus horribilis.

Challenging as the year has been it's been thrilling to see more and more of us (people who care about the natural world) connecting with others through nature. Earlier this year, we invited our customers to become an 'Armchair Naturalist' and to share their thoughts and wildlife observations with others via our blog. The blog posts we've received have one thing in common - nature can show us the way if we just take a moment or two to observe and listen.

In my garden, the premium seed mix ('One for All') I created last year continues to work beyond my original aspirations and is taken by every garden bird who's appeared on the feeder or bird table. If I have a favourite, it's the Great Spotted Woodpeckers which grace us with their swashbuckling antics daily. Here's a short video of a recent encounter - squirrel versus Great Spotted Woodpecker on the bird table. I think you'll be able to guess who wins; however, it wasn't long before the Great Spotted was back feeding:

If you haven't tried One for All yet, I encourage you to give it a try in your garden - and we're encouraging you to do so with a 10% reduction across all weights over the next 14 days. (offer expires 26/06/20)

One for all

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13 Jun 2020

I used to buy two packs of 12kg seed twice a year on which the birds ravenously fed. However, the last lot I bought eighteen months ago still has around 10 - 11 kg remaining. The only birds feeding at all are blue tits, great tits, coal tits and the occasional long tailed tits and they're only taking the millet seed.
I then bought some of the Sunflower Hearts and still very few birds feeding.
There are just no finches any more but there plenty of corvids and cats.

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