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Our bird bath survey results are in and...

Friday, 26th August 2016

You'll be surprised by the results! A number of respondents actually have more than one bird bath in their garden...
It’s official – Haith’s customers do a great job watering the birds!

It looks like we don’t need to convince our customers to provide fresh drinking/bathing water for the birds on a regular basis because over 96% of those of you who kindly completed the survey have a bird bath in the garden and a very respectful 93% of said bird baths had water in them on the day the survey was completed.

We (the Haith’s team) salute you – on behalf of the birds – for your efforts. A number of respondents actually have more than one bird bath in their garden (the most recorded was four) which is fabulous.

Several resourceful birders have turned discarded objects into birds baths; items like large dishes, plant pot trays and stone ornaments. It was interesting to read how a number of customers have stone bird baths and these seem to have been in the garden for years. Wonderful.

Likewise, it was exciting to read how many customers have ponds and yet still have a bird bath in their garden. Ponds provide habitat and attract insects, which can attract Swallows and bats adding variety of plant and animal life into the garden habitat – biodiversity in action.

The most popular birds to frequent bird baths appear to be Blackbirds, Starlings, sparrows, doves and wood pigeons. It was noted that Starlings and sparrows extend their gregarious nature to communal bathing.

We enjoyed reading how a hedgehog uses the “low bath to drink”. Hedgehogs need all the help they can get and this watering hole is clearly a lifeline for our spikey friend. Another customer recorded that her hedgehog visitor “paddles in one of them”. This is what caring for wildlife is all about.

A number of customers highlighted the importance of regularly cleaning the bird bath and replacing the water daily. We couldn’t agree more.

The strangest bird visitor to frequent bird baths was a seagull who – apparently – “loves to stand up in it!” And why not?

One thing just about everyone agreed on was that all the birds seem to enjoy a good bird bath. Furthermore, it was touching to read how many customers enjoy watching the birds splash around. Once again reminding us that our hobby is good for the birds but good for we humans too.

A huge thanks to everyone who completed the survey and please keep up the good work.
Do you have a bird bath?
Is there water in it now?

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