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Our top ten autumn/winter feeding tips

Friday, 16th October 2015

Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner, so use our handy guide for some expert bird feeding advice at this crucial time of year.
Top ten tips

1. Black Sunflower – Popular with all types of garden birds, including Blue Tits, Greenfinches and House Sparrows, plus has a high oil content, which is great for this time of year, providing energy when needed most.

2. Keep feeders clean. To prevent the spread of disease, wash and move feeders around regularly to help prevent a build-up of droppings.

3. Live foods –These provide essential protein and moisture for birds, and natural worms can be hard to find if the ground is hard.

4. Sunflower Hearts – Help reduce the mess around feeders and are eaten by a wide variety of species, they’re also 100% edible!

5. Buy from a trustworthy supplier – Ensure the products you buy are clean and aflatoxin (a harmful toxin) free. Your supplier should also know which food is preferred by different species. Ask them for advice or take a look at our A – Z bird guide.

6. Water – Important all year round - but even more so at this time of year when a natural source may be frozen over.

7. Suet – Available in a range of different formats, and full of wholesome ingredients – ALWAYS remove mesh bags from suet balls as birds may get tangled up in it.

8. Avoid banned foods – These include: salted or dry roasted peanuts, milk, mouldy food and dessicated coconut.

9. Feeders – Buy a range of bird feeders if you can and place them in different positions, some birds like a sheltered spot to feed. Peanuts need to be fed in a wire mesh feeder so birds can only take smaller amounts.

10. Be consistent – Birds get used to visiting the same place to feed if they know a source of food is available, so please try not to disappoint them.

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