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Please don't buy grim-looking peanuts

Monday, 7th October 2019

In this week's Wildlife Adventures with an iPhone, I'm going to go wild about some grim-looking peanuts I found on the fixtures of a very well-known multinational retailer (who I won't name).
If a picture tells a thousand tales, what does this photo tell you?
Grim Looking peanuts

Do you agree they’re awful?

These have to be some of the grimmest peanuts I've ever seen on my travels. They may or may not be safe for birds - it's hard to tell without conducting an aflatoxin test; however, they are grim, and my advice would be to give them a wide berth.

It's evident that birds are more likely to survive and thrive on a healthy diet so these poor peanuts - in my opinion - belong in the bin. I wouldn't present them to the wildlife in my garden, and I feel grumpy that this big retailer is offering them for sale to people who may not know the difference between good and bad bird food.

To be clear, I don't know if they're unhealthy to feed to birds. Perhaps I should go back and buy them and have them tested for toxins. The problem is, the way large retailers work is that their epos systems replace like for like, and my purchase might trigger off a purchase invoice to a supplier for more of these hideous peanuts! Therefore, education is the best way to deal with this: please tell your friends and family to look closely at the quality of bird food before they buy it.

If Peanuts looks grim, they’re fit for the bin.

Premium Peanuts

Feeding the birds offers hope to wildlife IF/WHEN we're providing good quality, clean, and fresh bird diets. 

I'll be back next week with something a little more cheerful.

Until next week, enjoy nature.



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