Practising good bird care hygiene is simple with these five easy to follow steps. Keeping feeding stations clean and safe for birds is a simple task - one which doesn’t necessarily require extra financial investment.


If you feed a seed like Black Sunflower which has a husk, then it's vital that the waste is cleared up every few days (the husks can be a bit messy, but will really add to your compost heap - worms love them!).


If you don't have the time to clear up husks, then it's far better to feed foods like Sunflower Hearts and Huskfree Advance . These will still leave a little waste, but it really is very little indeed and can easily and quickly be cleared up every week or so.


Feeders such as tube feeders for any of the above foods must be cleaned every few weeks using a bird friendly disinfectant, like Vanodine. That also applies to other types of feeder and of course bird tables.


It really is best to move your feeders or bird table to different positions in your garden every two weeks or so. This will then mean that the ground below them can recover and the risk of harmful bacteria building up is minimised.


Keep your bird bath clean and drain out any soiled water before refilling with fresh water. Replace with fresh water daily.

Please note: For cleaning feeders and bird tables, the ideal substance to use is Vanodine V18 disinfectant or our Safe 4 range because it won’t harm the birds or degrade your bird feeding equipment. However, it's important that, once cleaned, that the feeder or bird table is thoroughly rinsed with clean water. It's recommended that rubber or vinyl gloves are worn when any cleaning takes place.