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Real birdwatching

Saturday, 26th April 2014

I sometimes wonder how many people who call themselves birdwatchers actually “watch” the birds they see. They “tick them off”, yes, but do they really study their behaviour, their displays, their breeding routines, or indeed their feeding habits?
Mrs Downings Fat Balls
Mrs Downing making fat balls for her garden birds

The truth is that there are hundreds – no, millions – of people who would not call themselves real birdwatchers but who probably know more about the habits of some species than many of the so called experts. There are few better places to study bird behaviour than in your garden or backyard. Most people who put up feeders and nest boxes would admit that they also spend ages gazing out of the window. They see the tits, finches, robins and so on, and they become involved in their daily and yearly lives. Well, “that’s” what I call bird watching!

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