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Robins aren’t just for Christmas

Friday, 17th January 2020

Robins are undoubtedly one of the UK’s favourite birds and with its bright red breast it is familiar to us throughout the year – not just at Christmas.
Males and females look indistinguishable but young birds have no red breast and are spotted with golden brown.
Victorian postmen, who were also known as Robin Red-breasts due to their red waistcoats, may be the reason why so many robins feature on our Christmas cards.
Robin waiting

Even in the darkest days of winter they will sing but regardless of their cute appearance they are known to be very territorial and are quick to push away intruders.

They can be seen all over the UK searching for insects, fruits, seeds and worms usually in hedgerows, woodland, parks and gardens.

This much-loved garden bird can be attracted into your garden with these foods.

Softbill Food is one of our original 1950’s recipes. It is a high protein bird food which contains vitamins and minerals and dried flies and blended with baker’s honey, this makes it more attractive for robins.

Softbill Food

It is very similar to natural baby food which is ideal in the breeding season for parents and fledglings. Other ground feeding birds will also love Softbill Food and will readily take to this nutritional soft food.

It can be fed on the ground, table or a soft food feeder.

*Fat Robin is a softfood blended with High Energy Suet Pellets and ever popular sunflower hearts, with raisins and vegetable oils, and is a favourite with popular garden birds like the Robin, and if fed regularly you will get the Robin eating out of your hand literally. It can also be fed on the ground, table or soft food feeder.

Fat Robin click to buy

*Please Note: this product includes raisins and can be toxic to dogs.

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