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Help to Fly bird food and bird feeders make feeding the birds more affordable.

Help to Fly Special Offers

We launched our very first half price "Help to Fly" nest box campaign in 2015 and helped more first-time flyers make it onto the property ladder than ever before. Since 2015, we've selected a new "Help to Fly" range every season and then contributed to the cost in order to make each item more affordable. Today Haith's Help to Fly range continues to help more people feed more birds for less all year round and we hope it helps you and your garden birds too.

Summer SeedHelp to Fly
from £3.33
Summer Seed
Help-to-Fly Bird StationHelp to Fly
from £17.95 was £24.95
Help-to-Fly Bird Station
X1 Robin FeederHelp to Fly
from £15.95
X1 Robin Feeder
Complete Dining StationHelp to Fly
from £29.99 was £34.99
Complete Dining Station
New England Nest BoxHelp to Fly
from £19.99
New England Nest Box
Schwegler 32mm Woodcrete Nest BoxHelp to Fly
Schwegler 32mm Woodcrete Nest Box
Zinc Roof Robin Nest BoxHelp to Fly
from £16.99
Zinc Roof Robin Nest Box
Classic 32mm Nest Box - FSCHelp to Fly
from £5.95
Classic 32mm Nest Box - FSC
Robin Bird House - FSCHelp to Fly
from £5.95
Robin Bird House - FSC
Giant Bird NesterHelp to Fly
from £7.95
Giant Bird Nester
Giant Robin NesterHelp to Fly
from £7.95
Giant Robin Nester
Open Robin Nest BoxHelp to Fly
from £10.95
Open Robin Nest Box
Tit Family 28mm Nest BoxHelp to Fly
from £10.95
Tit Family 28mm Nest Box
Camouflage Nest BoxHelp to Fly
from £7.99 was £13.99
Camouflage Nest Box
Zinc Roof Blue Tit Nest BoxHelp to Fly
Zinc Roof Blue Tit Nest Box
Sparrow TowerHelp to Fly
from £29.99
Sparrow Tower

How to save money on bird food all year round:

If you’re new to Haith’s there’s something you should know, feeding more birds for less money per kg is easy, when you buy in bulk. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to read that “bulk” means any weight over 2kg.

How it works:

Purchase a weight above 2kg and the price per kg drops significantly, it really is as simple as that. You don’t have to wait to shop for special offers and it’s available all year round. It’s also across our entire bird food range – not just on the products that need to be sold. You’ll ALWAYS find our base 2kg priced competitively because the value for money is one of the cornerstones of Haith’s success- the others being quality, cleanliness and service. However, when you buy in bulk the savings are greater. The bigger the bag/s the lower the price per kg, which means you can Feed More Birds for Less(TM) all year round and NOT just when there’s a special offer advertised.

Our bird food comes with a money back guarantee, and we can offer this because we’re confident in our ability to deliver great service and great quality products. Several years ago, we demonstrated how affordable our high-quality seeds and foods are by illustrating what we call our Feed More Birds for Less formula. Saving money is simple: choose the right food for you and your garden birds and then compare the price per kg to see how much you could save from buying wild bird food in bulk.