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Shortlist Revealed: Vote for Britain’s National Bird

Wednesday, 18th March 2015

Vote for Britain’s National Bird. Be quick (closes May 7th, 2015).
I've just had a very interesting 'phone conversation with David Lindo (The Urban Birder) whose National Bird Campaign is about to come to a crescendo. I heard David discussing the vote with Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 and I invited him to 'phone and tell me more about how to vote...


Shortlist Revealed for
Britain's Vote National Bird Campaign

After months of voting, the shortlist for Britain's Vote National Bird Campaign was announced on February 17. We now have until Election Day, May 7th to choose which British bird will be crowned Britain's National Bird.

The ten most popular British birds, as voted for by members of the public, are (in no particular order):

• The Robin
• The Kingfisher
• The Barn Owl
• The Blue Tit
• The Wren
• The Blackbird
• The Puffin
• The Mute Swan
• The Red Kite
• The Hen Harrier

Which one will get your vote? (

David Lindo launched the Vote National Bird Campaign. David's an accomplished broadcaster, writer and one of the UK's leading ornithologists. Oh...and he's also known as The Urban Birder. Why? Quite simply that he has a particular passion for promoting the appreciation and conservation of urban birds. I for one happen to agree with David - our towns and cities host wonderful bird life, and all we have to do is open our eyes to appreciate them. (Feeding them might be a good idea, though, too!).

David says: "The public have voted and we are pleased to announce the shortlist for Britain's National Bird. Along with the expected contenders - the friendly Robin, charismatic Puffin and elegant Swan - there is a major surprise - the Hen Harrier, one of England's rarest breeding birds. Down to just one breeding pair a couple of years ago, it may already be extinct. Could the majestic Hen Harrier knock the hot favourite Robin off its perch?"

David discovered Britain is one of the few countries in the world not to have its own national bird - America have the Bald Eagle, Sweden the common Blackbird, Japan the Green Pheasant, France the Gallic Rooster and India has the peacock.

He explained, “It is hard to believe as a nation of animal lovers, that Britain has not got a National Bird! I want to encourage the great British public to vote for the bird that best represents all that is great about this nation.”

One of the aims of David's campaign is to get more children interested in and enthusiastic about Great Bristish wildlife and to encourage greater awareness of Bitish birds in schools. To this end, the Vote National Bird Campaign will be launching a UK wide primary schools' national drawing and poetry competition, open to all Primary and Secondary school children. The winner will get a playground wildlife makeover for their school.

The first round of voting for Britain's Vote National Bird Campaign took place in the autumn of 2014, when over 70,000 people voted from a long list of 60 iconic British birds.

Members of the public can cast their vote at (closes on Election Day, May 7th, 2015) and the winning bird will be announced soon after.

Source: Press Release and 'phone conversation with David Lindo (March 17th).

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