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Simply Bird Baths

Tuesday, 14th February 2017

With so many ways to provide birds with drinking and bathing water in your garden, the easiest and simplest is a bird bath.

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It doesn’t have to be a fancy affair the way a bird bath looks is to suit your surroundings, not the birds.
Bird Splashing

A good bird bath just needs to be a simple creation, sturdy, but lightweight enough to clean and fill.

A very straightforward bird bath is a plant saucer with a textured finish. Just place a stone in the middle. These are that easy to construct you could have many situated in different areas of your garden.

An old plate or baking tray would work just as well – just ensure it has shallow sloping sides and the surface is rough – so birds can grip easily and not slip.

Another decision you have to make is where to site your bird bath. Birds will only use it if they feel safe. Garden birds become absent-minded and unguarded when bathing, and this puts them in danger from predators.
Tit drinking

Your garden birds need clear visibility when bathing, but also need bushes and trees nearby to escape if alarmed.

In periods of very dry weather birds may try to use water barrels to bathe in. These can be dangerous to birds, as they may drown unless you make it safer by placing either a branch or plank of wood inside it so birds can land and drink in safety.

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