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Six Reasons to Enjoy Winter

Wednesday, 9th December 2015

With short days, long nights and colder weather venturing outside can be daunting at this time of year. However, mother nature’s prepared some fantastic wild spectacles especially for the season, so wrap up warm and use our guide to help make the most of them.
Winter Scene

Counting robins
A Robin

This beautiful bird adorns many a Christmas card and is a splash of colour on a dull day. Watch out for it in parks and gardens hunting for food. Or why not treat ‘your’ Robin to some live foods – guaranteed to be a winner.

A frosty morning walk
A Fosty Morning Walk

With clear skies and freezing temperatures we usually wake up to frosty mornings. We have some great countryside and parks in the UK, not to mention our National Parks – they can be a real pleasure early in the morning.

Watch out for wildfowl

Our winters are mild compared to other countries, geese, ducks and swans migrate here because food is easier to find. Watch out for large flocks of geese around the coast.

Holly, ivy & mistletoe


Winter fruits are an important source of food for wildlife, as well as decorating households in the festive season. Look out for white mistletoe berries – readily eaten by Mistle Thrushes.

Note changing colours

Mountain Hare

Animals can change their colour to match the season. Species like the Mountain hare shed their coat from brown to white to hide themselves in the mountain snow. Trees and shrubs alter from being green to brown, russet and gold. Why not take a walk in your local park or countryside and enjoy the fallen leaves?

Really watch the garden birds – observe their habits

Blue Tit

Watch how birds’ behaviour changes when temperatures fluctuate; do they become more animated, even frantic? Are more birds feeding earlier, is there a certain species of bird that’s always the last to leave the feeding station? And what about bird calls, are they louder or more solemn? Really watching the garden birds can be an illuminating experience and, what’s more, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed from the relative comfort of one’s home.

With all this to see and do, it really is a wonderful time of the year.

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