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Bird Feeders for Soft Foods & Mealworms

Soft and live foods can be scattered on the ground, placed on a bird table or fed from one of our softfood feeders (shown below) to protect them from the weather. Our Softfoods™ are an important year-round bird food for Blackbirds, Robins, Dunnocks, Wrens, Starlings and other ground and bird table eating wild birds.

Robin & Small Bird Feeder
Robin & Small Bird Feeder

We are a softfood specialist; we’ve been blending the finest softbill recipes since the 1930s. We carefully grade each ingredient to be soft enough for some of the more delicate garden birds, like Wrens for example. Each softfood is unique and delicious – many are glossed in natural oils, fruits, insects, mealworms or berries and some even contain Bakers’ Honey. Each one is a work of art, and takes hours to prepare – there are no short cuts to creating the perfect, premium quality bird food for Britain’s beautiful birds.