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Some Like it Rough

Monday, 16th March 2015

You probably haven’t got a garden pond big enough for a pair of swans to do their pas de deux, but even a mini wetland may appeal to a pair of Mallard. Unfortunately, Mallard courtship isn’t exactly...
...exactly genteel, and often consists of a posse of several rampant males pursuing the same female and, instead of competing for best quacking or glossiest plumage, they simply pitch into a free for all, leaving the poor lady ravaged and dishevelled. Fortunately, all is forgotten when the eventual outcome is a parade of exquisite tiger coloured ducklings. Oh by the way, by all means feed the ducks –and ducklings- but not with old bread and biscuits. Most waterfowl naturally eat water plants and seeds, and of course Haith’s Duck and Goose Mix is their favourite!

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