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Feed more birds for less


We advertise special offers and promotions to help you feed more birds for less money. The best ways to hear about our money-saving offers on bird food and bird feeders are by signing up for our regular email newsletters or, why not bookmark this page and drop by regularly to maximise your savings? Unlike many other bird food companies, however, our offers of the months are often on our best-selling bird foods and bird feeders, which means you get a great product for less.

Lantern-Style Niger Seed Bird FeederSpecial Offer
from £4.95 was £5.95
Lantern-Style Niger Seed Bird Feeder
Summer SeedSpecial Offer
from £6.95
Summer Seed
Winterberry™ High-energy for overwintering birdsSave 10%
Winterberry™ High-energy for overwintering birds
Self Assembly Bird TableSpecial Offer
from £19.95 was £29.95
Self Assembly Bird Table

Save money on bird food this (and every) month.

Haith's offers of the month are designed to help you feed more wildlife for less money. You can, of course, make great savings from buying bird food in bulk quantities over 2kg as the price per KG drops the bigger the bag. However, we appreciate that it's nice to make a few extra savings and that's why we make some of our best-selling bird food and bird feeders available as offers of the month.

Some of our offers will last a month, others will be on offer for a much shorter duration - from a day to a weekend, or maybe even a few hours - which is why it's important to visit this page on a regular basis. We do try our best to promote these savings on social media and we're always happy to see customers on Facebook and Twitter.

Even our sale items come with a money back guarantee if you or the birds aren't happy with the goods.

If you're worried about switching to a new food... don't. Make the saving and experiment a little as birds favour different foods at different times of the year. In summer "soft" live foods are favoured by, for example, Blue and Great Tits, and the nestlings are fed nothing else. You can help enormously by providing mealworms, good quality (clean) bird diets and Softfoods. High energy Niger Seeds are also very popular, especially with Goldfinches and Siskins. These may not all feature on the 'offers of the month' at the same time, but try mixing and matching wild bird foods to see how the bird species differ.