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Spring has sprung on the Europarc

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

Spring has sprung here on the Europarc, Grimsby. The leaves are beginning to make an appearance on the trees and bushes outside of the Factory Outlet doorway.
Even the open spaces in our wildlife garden that looked bare and muddy are turning green and the bulbs are beginning to bud, filling in the gaps with vibrant yellows and purples. There is still a nip in the air from the cool breeze being so close to the sea but everything is beginning to look fresh in the midday sunshine.

The feeders still remain as popular as ever with our variety of bird visitors from Great Tits to Greenfinches to sparrows and Starlings. The birds fly from feeder to feeder showing their plumage all ready for the breeding season whilst others just sit on the branches of the trees in full song.
Garden Pheasant mix

We have an abundance of wildlife which is due to the established planting we have around The Bird Food Centre and being so close to the Humber estuary. Patrick the pheasant is a regular visitor to our ground feeding trays enjoying our Garden Pheasant Mix along with Daisy and Donald the duck who fly-in to dine on our Duck and Goose Mix. It is a lovely distraction to sit and watch all the comings and goings of wildlife as winter unfolds into spring.

Duck and Goose Mix

With the family of rabbits appearing from their burrows with their new-borns, chasing each other around the car park, it is really hard to believe we are on a working industrial estate. It just goes to show that if you provide a good diet and plenty of water, they will come!

So, if you need inspiration and are new to feeding the birds or wildlife this spring you may be wondering where to start? The answer to that one’s simple: start at Haith’s by taking a closer look at our award winning SuperCLEAN bird foods as they continue to be an excellent choice for just about any garden visitor.

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