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High-Energy suet pellets

Fat Balls & Suet

Are all fat balls and suet products on the market created equal? Certainly not! However, our suet for birds contains high-quality fat and are made with wholesome ingredients. Tits are especially attracted to fat balls, which provide an important source of nutritious food throughout the year; however, our suet is available in lots of different and exciting feeding formats, made to appeal to the widest possible variety of birds and adapt to the way you want to feed them in your garden.

Fat balls and suet pellets can be placed inside a bespoke suet feeder, fed from a bird table, chopped up and fed from the ground or squeezed into the bark of a tree to promote natural enrichment. Get creative, and you’ll find lots of other ways to feed fat balls and suet pellets, too. Suet’s worshipped by Long-tailed tits, Robins, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Starlings and - of course - Great Spotted Woodpeckers.