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Suet Pellet Garden Survey

Wednesday, 1st March 2017

We decided to trial our Extra Berry Suet Pellets and the Original Insect Suet Pellets. Find out how they did by reading these results.
We recently decided to do a trial of our energy packed  Extra Berry Suet Pellets and the Original Insect Suet Pellets as we had heard on the grapevine (or should we say bird table !!) that birds may prefer the colour red to any other  as this replicates the colour of natural food such as berries.

Berry Suet Pellets

To achieve the best results we placed each of the suet pellets in a different feeder;  the red berry pellets went into a stainless steel peanut feeder and the Original suet pellets went into our green basket peanut feeder.

We asked three of our customers to help us with these experiments  and they were happy to help, the results came in as follows:


Two-day trial

Blackbirds (14) blue tits (2) House sparrow (62)!!! wow !! Greenfinch(3) Robins(2) Starlings(34) !! crikey !! Crows (2) Doves (1)

The most popular product in this garden was the red berry pellets which ran out within a single day, followed closely by the original that lasted until Tuesday.
This garden is situated near the outskirts of Waltham (near Grimsby) so sort of semi-rural.

Great results!! Thank you, Dora & Graham.


One hour trial

Blackbirds(6) House sparrows (20) !!! Brilliant!! Starlings (12). No other species noted.

In this garden- yet again- the berry pellets came out as ‘top dog!’.  Looks like a pattern is forming folks!

This garden is urban.

Thank you, David.


Two-day trial

In this garden, there were lots of visitors on lots of different Haith’s products and food, the main visitors to the pellets were Starlings, this has got to be a positive result for the declining starling population!

Yet again the red berry pellet came out on top.

This garden is described as being on the outskirts of town.

Thank you, Jenny and Alan.

These surveys have been a great success and we have learnt that red pellets are more popular than the Original flavour.
Berry Suet Pellet Extra

If our customer surveys have inspired you to feed our pellets then you can find them by following  this link or clicking on the image above.


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