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Buy Haith's Sunflower Hearts - Premium Quality (European Grown)


You’ll find our sunflowers SUPERCLEAN™ and of the finest quality. Sunflower Hearts have been known to attract Great Spotted Woodpeckers and - in some gardens - Goldfinches prefer them to Niger Seed.

Spring Attraction Pack
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Spring Attraction Pack
Sunflower Hearts - European GrownFinest Premium Quality
Sunflower Hearts - European Grown
Sunflower Hearts FeederBest Seller
from £14.95
Sunflower Hearts Feeder
Black Sunflower - European GrownHigh in Cal and Oil
Black Sunflower - European Grown
Small Striped Sunflower Bird Seed
Small Striped Sunflower Bird Seed

Sunflowers are included in the majority of Haith’s bird food mixes. They’re a cost-effective way to provide high-energy bird food to garden birds, and they’re safe and highly desirable to a variety of bird species such as tits, finches and sparrows. Sunflower Hearts have become the most popular sunflower, closely followed by the high-oil Black Sunflower Seed.