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The Newly Improved Prosecto Insectivorous

Monday, 17th February 2014

What's improved? Prosecto Insectivorous is now rich in natural calcium (Ca), lower in iron and contains fruit. A great all round bird food.
Prosecto Insectivorous has a robust reputation for being wholesome, nutritious and beneficial for even the most delicate of softbills, including: Robins, Wrens, Blackbirds and other thrushes.

Prosecto Insectivorous

Garden bird enthusiasts have been feeding Prosecto Insectivorous since the 50s and it’s the perfect addition to any bird table or ground feeder as its crumbly moist texture is loved by ground and bird table feeding birds, who struggle to deal with coarse seed mixes.
Recently, working closely with avian nutrition professionals, we launched a bird diet scholarship which uncovered ways to further improve Prosecto Insectivorous. Although the scholarship confirmed why Prosecto Insectivorous has become a trusted naturalistic insectivorous bird diet, it also helped us find a way to improve it by reducing its iron count and increasing its calcium (Ca) count. That’s important because...
Calcium has many functions, including: skeletal development, muscle and nerve contraction, control of other metabolic processes, such as hormone secretion and of course the production of high-quality, well-shelled eggs.

A diet that’s insufficient in calcium can mean deficiencies in skeletal development, egg production and other important bodily functions can result. Young birds that are calcium-deficient can grow abnormally, leading to bowing or fractures in bones.

However, a diet that’s adequate in calcium is likely to lead to:

- Better skeletal development
- Larger broods
- Higher fledgling success
- Eggs with correct shell thickness and less likely to break
- Optimal body condition in adults
- Calcium also helps provide roughage

Welcome, therefore, to our newly improved Prosecto Insectivorous.

You’ll immediately see that it has retained its unique crumbly, moist texture. And that’s because it still contains high-protein ingredients plus oils and Baker’s Honey. The new ingredients we’ve introduced, though, have helped us create a bird diet that’s now adequate in calcium but low in iron:


Iron 86 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca) 0.45%

With iron levels lowered and calcium levels increased, we feel we have a market-leading softfood which will help wild bird thrive & survive.

But here’s the best news: we haven’t increased the price!

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