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Try our NEW 500g softfoods

Tuesday, 15th April 2014

NEW! Try our 500g scrumptious softfoods from just £2.40. Our premium-quality Softfoods are big favourites with Robins, Blackbirds and Dunnocks – although finches, sparrows and tits will readily pick out the pieces they love too.
Softfoods provide something extra-special for seed eaters, and they are arguably of even greater value to insectivorous softbills, like thrushes and Wrens who benefit from ingredients such as dried mealworms, berries, raisins and high-protein sunflower hearts

Whilst each recipe is different, they each contain only the finest, superclean ingredients and they’re 100% edible as all the seed husks have been removed.

As we move into the breeding season softfoods begin to play a greater role in supplementary garden bird feeding as fledglings can easily feed from softfoods and they benefit even more because the softfood diets contain higher moisture levels than a traditional seed diet.


Prosecto Insectivorous – for example – is rich in natural calcium (Ca). A diet that’s adequate in calcium is likely to lead to better skeletal development; larger broods; higher fledgling success; eggs with correct shell thickness and therefore less likely to break; optimal body condition in adult birds. This diet has been improved by scientific research and we’re excited to announce that it’s now available in new, smaller pack sizes of 500g and 1kg.

Softfoods are easy to feed - they don’t even require a feeder; simply sprinkle them on the ground or directly onto a bird table. Softfood feeders are available, though, and these can help protect the seed from rainfall and some of them can even help deter larger birds to help the more delicate species get their fair share of the softfood.

NEW! Try one of our 500g scrumptious softfoods from just £2.40 (Fat Robin Softfood).
Golden ChorusMealworm Crumble
Softbill foodProsecto

Fat robin
x1 seed saverSoft food feeder

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