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Try our online garden bird feeding guide

Monday, 21st November 2016

The RSPB, British Trust for Ornithology and The Wildlife Trusts endorse feeding birds all year round and providing clean, safe, nutritious bird food is undoubtedly one of the most helpful things you can do to help garden birds – as long as the food provided is the most appropriate and that’s easier than ever to get right using our online garden bird feeding guide.
Feeding high-calorie bird food should be our priority as the colder months unfold and topping up feeding stations at dawn and dusk will help birds build up the fat reserves they require to fuel them through the day and keep them warm through the night.

Whilst there are, of course, foods that are common across species, such as Huskfree Advance, there’s much to be said for considering the specific seasonal needs of your regular garden bird visitors and supplementing their diet with one or two high-fat content products during autumn and winter, which could literally mean the difference between life and death in a cold snap.

The place to research a bird’s food preference accurately is here (our bird feeding guide).

The bird feeding guide can also be navigated to via the home page:
The bird feeding guide can also be navigated to via the home page

It’s so very simple to use; first, select the first letter of the bird’s common name. In this case, below, it’s ‘B’ for Blackbird.
Uk Garden Bird Feeding Guide
Next, click on “Read More” and we’ll direct you to page which gives a few facts about the bird.
Blackbird information page
Here’s the exciting bit, though, we then present the bird’s favourite foods from numerous feeding trials (see below). From here, it’s just a case of browsing and selecting the food that works best for you and your birds. Today, as the cold weather’s upon us, we’re focusing on high-fat, high-calorie products and you should be able to see immediately below that swapping to Huskfree Advance with Suet Pellets would provide supplementary fat.

However, there are a number of high-fat foods which can easily be introduced at feeding stations such as suet pellets; suet cakes and our Great Suet Puds.
High fat foods introduced
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