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Update on "One for All our new premium no-mess mix

Thursday, 19th September 2019

Those of you who regularly read my Wildlife Adventures with an iPhone series will have seen the video I took while testing our new no mess bird seed mix, “One for All.”
This morning, I took a short video to show how well the mix is performing on my bird table:

As you can hopefully see from the video, "One for All" is a hit on the bird table (as well as bird feeders, and ground feeders). These goldfinches and chaffinches were squaring up all morning for the last morsels of the new no-mess mix. This continued attraction to the mix is super news. I set out to create a no-mess blend that's ideal for all seasons, all garden birds, and all feeding styles, and that's what I've done.

One for all

“One for All” is now available here.

Keep an eye out for my next piece as I'll be reviewing the performance of a sunflower heart feeder versus a traditional tube-type seed feeder.

Until then, keep enjoying nature.


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