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Which Haith's bird food attracts the most birds?

Monday, 26th March 2018

A question we get asked frequently here at the Haith’s bird food centre is, "What bird food attracts what birds? There are various solutions to find this information, you can take a look at our online digital wild bird catalogue, or, alternatively, our printed catalogue contains a table that illustrates and answers the question, what bird food attracts what birds?
There are simply too many products and bird species to name individually, so here are a few examples of what bird food attracts what birds? One of our bird food products here at Haith’s called ‘Autumn/Winter Mix’ is great for attracting various different species. Some of which include Robins, Wrens and Goldfinches along with many more. Autumn/Winter Mix is great for providing extra oil and high-energy goodness.
 Autumn Winter mix

On some occasions, we have had people ask about what bird food attracts what birds? In regards to our Huskfree, No Mess No Waste Bird Seed - Huskfree Advance is designed to create no waste making the bird food completely edible leaving nothing behind and prevents germination beneath feeders. Huskfree advance is suitable for several bird species such as Blackbirds, Song Thrush, Wrens and Starlings and offers good levels of energy for the birds. However, if you are looking to attract more species, then there is the option for Huskfree advance with either high-fat dried mealworms or suet pellets. Both of which appeal to a larger range of bird species including the tit family and the finch family.
Huskfree Range
So far, the bird food mentioned has not included soft foods, a very popular soft food that is popular with most of the ground feeding birds is Beggar’s Banquet. Beggar’s Banquet is a wholesome nutritious soft food blended with peanut pieces and it's suitable for ground and table feeding birds. To whet your appetite, in our trials it regularly attracts a total of seventeen bird species (including Dunnock, Wren and Long-Tailed Tit).

Beggar's Banquet™ Softfood
Another product that is suitable for a variety of birds is Fledge – Optimal foraging, which offers something unique, providing energy and nutrients for the busy parents and fledglings during the spring and summer season. Fledge is suitable for numerous bird species such as Blackbirds, Siskins, House Sparrows, Great Spotted Woodpecker and several more. Use it alongside (in addition) to existing foods in order to provide extra energy, nutrition and to encourage natural enrichment.
House Sparrows

As mentioned previously, different bird foods attract different species, some of which attract similar birds and others that attract a wider variety of birds to your garden. So, when we are confronted with the question what bird food attracts what birds? It’s difficult to simply suggest just one bird food for a specific species as it is a broad question. Birds need a variety in their diet just like we do, which means different species will be attracted to more than just one type of bird food.

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