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Halloween special: what’s lurking inside dusty, uncleaned bird seed can be grizzly

Monday, 24th October 2016

Make sure you bird seed is SUPERCLEAN! Remember Healthy Seed - Healthy Birds. Be careful where you buy from because it could look like this...
There’s a ghoulish threat lurking in bags of uncleaned bird seed which can damage a bird’s respiratory system, alimentary tract or worse. It’s called grain dust.

It’s certainly not a treat for birds and the trick – if any – is that some (but thankfully not all) companies choose not to thoroughly clean their mixes in favour of profitability. It’s a trick that could be killing birds, though. Forget carving pumpkins; if you want to see something really scary take a look at this…

…it’s what happens to a dusty seed mix when it’s placed on an agar plate:
Agar Plate

This sample of seed was taken from a seed mix marketed for wild birds and the safest place for it is the bin. We had an expert look at it and this is what he said: “Far more bacteria and fungi (in terms of both numbers of colonies and species of organism) have grown from the dry mix than would be expected from a properly cleaned diet,” – Professor John E Cooper.

There are currently no rules enforced to ensure bird seeds are screened, cleaned and health checked before they’re presented to birds.

There are no rules stopping anyone from selling dusty seed, which is a grizzly state of affairs given that Britain’s wildlife is in ‘crisis’ according to the State of Nature report as ‘56% of UK species are in decline’ and ‘165 species are considered Critically Endangered in Great Britain’.

There is scientific evidence to support our claims that clean seed is safer for birds.

This is why we’ve super cleaned our bird diets since the company was founded in 1937. Super clean seed is written into our constitution: ‘You and your birds are safe with Haith’s.’

It’s why we continue to invest in cleaning, screening and why our bird food technicians are trained in quality control (QC) and, furthermore, it’s why our seeds and our entire QC process are scrutinised by a veterinary expert. And the extra effort is worth the extra investment because only the very best is best for Britain’s birds.

Here’s how we do what we do (please share this with your wildlife friends):
Healthy Seed Healthy Birds

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03 Mar 2017

Yuk... O.M.G. that is really shocking Simon.. thank you. Do you still sell the Vanodine for cleaning the bird tables...?

Haith's customer services:

Yes, we sell Vanodine and Safe4 disinfectant, see Yes! Clean seed is healthy seed. Thanks for reading the blog.

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