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Why we're all doing work that matters

Tuesday, 12th September 2017

According to WWF research, Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years which is why we’re doubling our efforts to take care of what’s left of our wild bird population and the world’s natural capital (it’s natural assets).
It might seem strange to use the word ‘capital’ to value nature; however, that’s exactly what we must continue to keep doing: we must value nature as it’s a finite asset. We cannot print more nature into the landscape – when it’s gone (as much of it has), it’s gone forever.

John E Haith Ltd

As a company, we’ve always invested far beyond what’s basically required to sell bird food and we rationalise this investment as an essential contribution to birds’ welfare. In point of fact, our founder, Ted Haith, started Haith’s because he couldn’t source clean bird seed for his bird collections in 1937 and bird-keepers from all over the country (and eventually the world) trusted him and the quality of his seed to an extent that his company grew into the caring business it is today.
Healthy Seeds Healthy Birds

When we uncovered how dangerous dust, debris and extraneous husk can be to a bird’s respiratory system we had no hesitation in investing in our team of bird food technicians and The Bird Food Centre facility here in Lincolnshire - our first meeting was to remind our team that we’re all doing work that matters and – what’s more – we’re working with people we care about because they are going out of their way as a community to care for Britain’s garden birds and nature.

We can think of no better place to invest than to invest in nature.

Thank you for doing business with us.

You and your birds are safe with Haith’s

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