Bird feeding really does help wildlife
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<center>Trusted bird food since 1937</center>

Trusted bird food since 1937

Everything we do at Haith's, we aim to make a positive difference. We make handcrafted bird food daily on-site that is healthy, natural and fresh - it's been Haith's way since 1937. Our award-winning bird food is blended on the premises in small-batches by bird seed specialists in our state-of-the-art facility we proudly call The Bird Food Centre. Each specialist has years of bird seed blending expertise. Our bird feed recipes are perfect for bird feeders and bird feeding, they're blended with love and passion as that's what nature deserves - because nature never gets a day off. Only when a birdseed mix achieves our 'handcrafted' approval can it be called a Haith's hand-crafted bird food. We have everything you need to make space for nature including birdseed, bird feeders, bird boxes, bird tables, bird feeding stations plus all the support you need for bird watching, including bird identification and we'll answer your 'what do birds eat' questions daily on our bird feeding blog.

Haith's, your risk-free guarantee of the finest hand-crafted birdseed

<center>'Handcrafted' Bird Food</center>

'Handcrafted' Bird Food

<center>Birdseed Feeders</center>

Birdseed Feeders

<center>Suet Feasts & Fat Balls</center>

Suet Feasts & Fat Balls

<center>Hygiene Products</center>

Hygiene Products

Bird food

<center>Sunflower Hearts</center>

Sunflower Hearts

<center>Live Mealworms</center>

Live Mealworms

<center>Huskfree Advance</center>

Huskfree Advance

<center>Bird Food for Robins</center>

Bird Food for Robins

<center>Peanuts for birds</center>

Peanuts for birds

<center>High Energy Suet Nuggets</center>

High Energy Suet Nuggets

<center>Niger Seed for Goldfinches</center>

Niger Seed for Goldfinches

<center>Songster Food</center>

Songster Food

Healthy bird foods - healthy birds. It's the least  we can do to support wildlife.