1. LiveChat

During working hours (8:00am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday) we invite you to use our LiveChat facility. It's a fast way of getting help if you can't find what you are looking for online. If that happens, we'll reply quickly with a link.

How to use LiveChat:

Locate the LiveChat tab (it is situated bottom right of the website).

Click on "CHAT NOW" and complete the information requested.

TIP! You can use this facility out of hours (it will say 'leave a message') and we will reply to you at the earliest opportunity.
Live Chat

2. Search for products by code

For this to work correctly you will need a copy of our latest catalogue (click here to request a copy). All you have to do is input the product code (if the product has one) directly into the search box at the top of the website and the system will search for the product for you.

if you dont have a copy of the catalogue (or if the product doesn't have a code), just input the keyword/product you're looking for (e.g Peanuts) and a few sensible suggestions should appear.
Search Bar

3. Shop by Bird

Selecting the best food for the birds in your garden is something we have trained our website to do and you can access this information in a few clicks:

Click 'Help' followed by 'Garden Bird Feeding Guide' and you'll be presented with an A-Z bird listing.
Shop by bird
 Shop by bird guide 2

Click on the first letter of the species you are looking to feed; for example B for Blackbird and you'll be presented with information about Blackbirds and the bird foods we know the Blackbird will eat. The page will look like this:
Black Bird page

4. Browse by County

Unsure which birds may visit your garden? This isn't postcode accurate but it will help you to see the birds in your county and statistics are courtesy of the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch.

Access 'Help' from the home page followed by 'Big Garden Birdwatch Results'.
Browse by country

When you're directed to the 'birds by county' page; Type your county into the box and you will be presented by a list of birds by popularity.
Search by county 2

Tip! When you've been presented with the list use 'Shop by Bird' to find the most appropriate foods.

5. Community Reviews

Our new website isn't very old however, reviews are coming in very quickly. These are independant reviews, written by members of the birding community.

Here's how to access reviews:
Review Image

The above graphic shows that Huskfree Advance has received fifty (50) reviews in total with an average of 4.5 (out of 5) stars. This means there are eleven reviews available for you to read. How do I read them? Simply click on the product and you'll be taken to the Huskfree Advance page. You then have two ways to see the product reviews:

Click on "read reviews" Or scroll down and you'll see this:
Review Page

We encourage you to write reviews if you have time to do so as the community use them regularly

6. Use the Blog

The blog is there to help you get more from Haith's and to enjoy feeding the birds more. You're playing an important role in wildlife conservation. Click on 'Blog' and you'll be transported to articles, insights, and tips from all our blog contributors. You can either click through the blog pages one by one or filter by subject/categories.
Use the blog

Tip! Feel free to comment on posts or even create one for us and send it to clair.grainger@haiths.com

7. Mobile/Tablet

Whichever device you use to look at our new website www.haiths.com it will adapt to the size of the screen you’ve chosen to browse the internet, as shown below. We’ve invested in this adaptive technology to offer you a more enjoyable, safe & secure shopping experience - whether you’re using a mobile phone, a tablet or the more traditional desktop PC...or all three.
Desktop tablet phone

8. Filter

When presented with a large range of foods it can be a bit bewildering, that's why we added a useful filter to the website, here's how it works...

Now you'll be presented with a page like this:
Filter 2

Now you can begin filtering.

Here's what to do now to reduce the amount of products you've been presented with:

- Click on the small boxes to the left to filter by bird, method or keyword.

For example: Click on Blackbird and the foods shown will reduce to just two. Untick the black bird and the foods will return.

Please note: This facility is on lots of other categories, like 'Bird Feeders'. I hope you find these hints and tips helpful and please feel free to email me at enquiries@haiths.com for support if you'd like to learn how to use our website.