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Bird Feeders for Windows

Attract a wide variety of garden birds all year round. Browse through our range of bird feeders for windows starting from just £1.95.

Window bird Feeder
from £6.95
Window bird Feeder
Wild Bird Window FeederTemporarily Out Of Stock
Wild Bird Window Feeder

If you have no room to place a bird feeder in your garden, we have a solution for you. Our range of bird feeders for windows have high-quality suction cups to sustain stability to glass and are suitable for all year round feeding. Fill with seeds and enjoy watching your garden visitors feed close-up. We stock a variety of good quality window feeders that can hold an array of different foods. You’ll be able to watch the birds feed from the comfort of your home and having them come so close makes it great for bird watching.

All of our window feeders are easy to install as they have suckers that stick directly onto your window. This also makes for easy cleaning so that your feeder can stay hygienic for the birds. As well as this the feeder can be filled easy so you can keep the birds well fed with lovely nutritious food.

The window bird feeders are all durable and made from exceptional quality materials and a lot of the feeders are adjustable to keep larger bird species out.