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Bird Food 'Handcrafted' by Haith's

Everything we do at Haith's, we aim to make a positive difference. We make handcrafted bird food daily on-site that is healthy, natural and fresh - it's been Haith's way since 1937. Our bird diets are blended on the premises by bird seed specialists. Each specialist has years of birdseed expertise.

Buy bird food online from the award-winning superclean birdseed Champions since 1937. Our recipes are blended with love and passion. Only when a bird food mix achieves our 'handcrafted' approval can it be called a Haith's bird food. Our select range of bird seeds includes peanuts, sunflower hearts, fat balls and suet products plus ever-popular live and dried mealworms and our unique handcrafted mixes.

It's important to go to these lengths to ensure bird food safety as our scientific research proves that dusty birdseed can kill or shorten the life of birds. It's best to avoid putting out cheap dusty bird food in your garden because healthy bird seed produces healthy birds - we call this SuperClean.

It's not just Haith's who say that feeding birds is essential - British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) research confirms that a rich mix of varying bird diets - including sunflower hearts, suet, and insectivorous bird foods - is now supporting a broader diversity of bird species in Britain's urban spaces, and the good news is that these are rising in numbers.

This BTO research confirms we've travelled far since the inception of so-called bird gardening in the 1950s when enthusiasts were encouraged to fill half a coconut with kitchen scraps and await the neighbourhood sparrows and starlings.

Haith's focus on food quality (hand-crafting and super-clean); our 'healthy and fresh' approach along with greater seed diversity encourages natural enrichment and behavioural adaptation by birds and has the potential to influence bird feeder visits and the benefits (being rising population and diversity) are apparent. To Haith's, food quality is paramount - as is the robust quality control of bird diets.

We believe that bird food variety is crucial given that variety attracts diversity and allows garden birds to compound in numbers from the usual visitors (robins, thrushes, chaffinches) to new kids on the block (goldfinches, woodpigeons, Long-tailed tits, great spotted woodpeckers, nuthatches) who are steadily becoming regular fixtures at feeders and are being lured by high-quality seed mixes, sunflower hearts, fat snacks and - importantly - it's come to light that they're also doing rather well on high-protein insectivorous mixes, which are a Haith's speciality.

Of course, it's not all about the birds; research from the Environmental Sustainability Institute (University of Exeter) stated that ‘watching birds near your home is good for your mental health.' Researchers found that ‘watching birds makes people feel relaxed and connected to nature'. Anyone who regularly watches birds in their garden has known instinctively that it’s a rewarding pastime; however, the new research states that ‘People living in neighbourhoods with more birds, shrubs and trees are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.’

So it’s official, we need wildlife, and wildlife needs us. And the MORE wildlife the better as the study states that there’s no relationship between ‘the species of birds and mental health, but rather the number of birds they (the 270 people surveyed) could see from their windows, in the garden or their neighbourhood.’

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