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Feed More Birds For Less

Bird Food

Our award-winning super-clean seeds are safer for Britain's birds because uncleaned seed mixes can contain dust, debris and waste husk which are all harmful to birds. We've been feeding the nation's birds since 1937 and all our garden bird diets come with a money-back guarantee and home or office delivery is included on orders over £30 to UK mainland destinations.

Please note: bird seed recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable seed replacement.

Our high-quality range of wildlife foods includes peanuts, sunflower hearts, mealworms and our famous range of SuperClean seed mixes.

We think it's important to go to greater lengths to ensure food safety because our scientific research proves that dusty bird diets can kill or shorten the life of wildlife. It's, therefore, best to avoid uncleaned wildlife foods in your garden, even if they are a little cheaper, as healthy seed produces healthy birds.

Why choose Haith's?

• Haith's offer the UK's largest range of high-quality bird seeds.

• We are an industry leading supplier.

• Practical and safe bird feeders.

• Wildlife foods for hedgehogs, squirrels and badgers.

• Money-back guarantee if you and/or your birds aren't happy with our products.

• We promise you'll only ever speak to a Haith's product specialist - no call centres.

• We are here for you and Britain's wildlife.

• Almost all our wildlife foods are manufactured at Haith's.

More than 50% of the UK population feed wildlife and enjoy the benefits of making space for nature. Getting started is relatively simple, a few table scraps or bacon rind in your garden can quickly attract the attention of animals; however, to offer something more healthy and sustainable means investigating the world of bird seed and that's relatively simple when you shop at Haith's.

Keep it simple to start with: select a basic seed mix and then add peanuts. Choose a bird feeder for each and that may be sufficient to attract more than thirty species of wild birds to your garden.

The garden birds will soon become regular visitors and you may even begin to notice one or two regulars. To start with, don't be surprised if they all look the same. Within a week or two, if not sooner, you'll know your Dunnocks from your sparrows and will feel like experimenting.

Why supplying healthy food to wildlife is important

People who love wildlife come to Haith's because they know they can trust us to look after their garden wildlife. Of course, the birds who visit your wildlife garden may also be your neighbour's birds, or even from the next town or village as they're certainly happy to travel if the food's good enough. But what exactly does 'good enough' mean?

For a bird, good enough could mean high-fat, or high-protein food. It could mean soft enough to feed to a youngster in the nest (soft foods and mealworms), or it could mean - for birds with parrot-like beaks (like a Bullfinch for example) - hard seed mixes that can be rolled about in a beak and cracked open to access the grain - which supplies natural enrichment to wild birds and encourages the sifting and selection that's part of their natural behaviour.

The UK's wildlife is under threat and needs our help to find an answer to the problems it faces in the countryside, where intensive farming has reduced its habitat and made certain species look elsewhere for its survival. Wildlife needs us, and we need wildlife.

What can be done to help more wildlife?

The answer is our feed more birds for less promise. Basically, the bigger weights of bird seed cost less per KG than the smaller weights (up to 47% less). This means that it makes sense to buy in bulk. Additionally, there's our Help to Fly range of pre-discounted wildlife gardening products, such as bird feeders, bird feeding stations and wildlife foods suitable for year-round feeding.