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Wild Bird Food

Our Award-Winning SuperClean™ wild bird food is safer for Britain's birds.

We've been providing high-quality bird food for garden birds since 1937. Cheap wildlife food can be full of dust, debris and waste husk and is harmful to birds. Choose Haith's SuperClean bird food and you are guaranteed high-quality wildlife food that's nutritious and safe.

Why choose Haith's?

All our wildlife diets are under our quality control with the guidance of veterinary and nutritional experts (many* bird seeds in the UK are not subject to screening or health-monitoring analysis, other than naked eye and manual checks for apparent quality and consistency).

Where our wildlife foods come from:

We purchase large volumes of seed from local Lincolnshire farmers. It's not enough, though, for a mix just to be British - it has to be Great. And by "great" we mean clean, affordable, high-quality seed. That's why, unlike many other bird food companies, we super-clean bird seeds because dust and waste husk can damage a bird's respiratory system.

We clean, blend and despatch our bird diets from one building in Lincolnshire - where we research and develop our range, with the help of experts. We owe this quality focus to Britain's birds, and to our friends who feed them.

Our philosophy is simple:

Healthy bird diet, healthy wild bird. We work with avian nutrition experts, to constantly improve our bird seed mixes by making them cleaner and safer for Britain's birds.

Guaranteed goodness with great service:

Our wildlife food comes with a money back guarantee. And our 'phones are answered by knowledgeable garden birders who themselves care deeply about the future of wildlife. In fact, our garden (at Haith's) provides bird food and shelter for a charm of Goldfinches, which we invite you to see for yourself if you're ever in Lincolnshire.

The days of "tuppence a bag" have long gone and birds will live healthier (and safer) lives when they're provided with nutritional food that's been prepared by experts.

Why we're an award-winning company:

In 2015, BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums) awarded Haith's PRO a bronze award for its SuperClean quality control (QC) programme to recognise its work in the "Animal Breeding, Care & Welfare" category. BIAZA is the professional body representing the best zoos and aquariums in Britain and Ireland and BIAZA members together support over 700 field conservation projects contributing a remarkable £10 million per year. For Haith's to be acknowledged by experts in wildlife conservation reflects the hard work and professional approach the company takes when it prepares its wildlife diets.

Working together to care for wildlife is a wonderful pastime and birds benefit greatly from the availability of high-quality, clean and fresh bird seeds. Dusty food, however, can do more harm than good and should be avoided. neglecting to clean seed is a cost-cutting measure which could be fatal to wild birds as dust, debris and extraneous husk can damage a bird's respiratory system (Cooper 2012).

Cheap bird seed mixes are cheap because they're generally inferior in quality or haven't been cleaned. If they haven't been cleaned, the consumer is paying for dust, debris and waste husk - which have no nutritional value for wild birds, and can even be dangerous. In our market tests, we have tested so-called high-quality wildlife food that has had up to 7% dust and waste husk. These mixes are best avoided. One or two of the seed mixes were indeed so dusty that we had to remove them from the office as the particles were making members of the quality control process choke. If they can do this to humans, imagine how it might feel to a wild bird as they put their head into a bird feeder feeding port to consume far too much dust.

There's no excuse for it, bird seed mixes should never be dusty.