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Niger seed the Goldfinch magnet

Niger Seed for Goldfinches and Siskins

Continue to bring Goldfinches to gardens and help their breeding numbers.

Perhaps one of the big successes in garden bird feeding in recent years is the way Goldfinches have taken to Niger Seed. This tiny seed is much like our native Teazle Seed and when it's fed from the right type of bird feeder provides an abundant all-year bird food supply which is rich in the essential nutrients these beautiful birds deserve.

Niger SeedRich in oils
from £8.80
Niger Seed
Goldfinch and Siskin MixRich in oils
from £6.99
Goldfinch and Siskin Mix
Clinger Niger Seed Bird FeederTemporarily Out Of Stock
from £15.95
Clinger Niger Seed Bird Feeder

Try our Goldfinch and Siskin Mix if you'd like to widen the appeal of Niger Seed. It can be fed from a tube-type seed feeder, unlike Niger Seed which is best fed from a special feeder.

Choose from our unrivalled range of special Niger Seed Bird Feeders, and enjoy the sight of Goldfinches in your garden all year. You'll also be helping their chance of breeding success.