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Blossom and birdsong

Tuesday, 21st April 2020

I recently read that our 'exposure to green spaces contributes to our wellbeing' and I think we're all (hopefully) experiencing this for ourselves as we're encouraged to stay at home and protect the NHS.
The government advice, of course, acknowledges the importance of exercise and in the same article I read that, the "New Scientist magazine noted that a recent study found just two hours per week in green spaces boost physical and mental wellbeing by about the same amount as getting enough exercise." In addition to this, strange as it may seem, there are also reports that our exposure to 'videos and even photos of natural landscapes have some good effect' too – a kind of 'Surrogate nature' if you like, for those of us who may struggle to get physically out there amongst the natural world or might not have access to a garden / greenspace.

Taking a virtual approach to observing nature, therefore, could have big benefits to our mental health and - arguably - help reduce the stress we put on the planet because we can watch TV / online in sheer amazement (as an armchair naturalist) as David Attenborough explores our wonderful planet and we – in turn – can get some of the benefits without the travel. Less travel, less carbon and a healthier planet.

As a little experiment, I thought I'd film something from my garden and share it with you; please let me know how watching the film makes you feel. It's just blossom and birdsong, but I hope you like it.


Keep well and stay safe

Simon H King FLS
Source of the article I read: Dr Valerie Jeffries (FFON contributor)

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