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Our comprehensive range of birdseed for cage and aviary birds has been the backbone of successful bird-keeping since 1937. Cage birds are completely in the charge of bird-keepers and their health and well-being are mirrored exactly in what they are fed. If they are to lead healthy lives, it is a duty to give them the best. And the best is Haith’s.

Please note: birdseed recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable seed replacement.

Healthy bird diet, healthy bird.

Our vast experience supplying responsible bird-keepers since 1937, including key figures – such as HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - tells us that only the best SUPERCLEAN™ seeds are good enough for birds.

Our research and development team at Haith’s PRO, which includes Professor John E Cooper, have introduced a quality control (QC) testing regime because we know that the quality of any cage bird diet is of paramount importance and what appears an attractive “special cheap offer” should always be treated with caution. Inferior seeds are usually old and lacking the living constituent that is important both for germination and the bird’s nutrition. Any seed or seed mixes supplied by Haith’s are SUPERCLEAN™ and free from contaminants as dust is harmful to a bird’s respiratory system and extraneous husk can damage delicate tissues and allow entry of pathogens.

Haith’s seed mixes have been formulated to meet certain requirements and provide a good balance of fat, carbohydrate, and protein as well as many of the essential vitamins and minerals.

Our philosophy is simple; healthy diet, healthy bird:

Good quality bird seed can help maintain a bird’s health, which can reduce ailments. The right bird diet can help cut down on obesity, and help birds thrive and breed successfully. Haith’s is a bird food specialist; we consider many factors when we prepare (or research) bird food diets at The Bird Food Centre in Lincolnshire, for example: we specialise in adding variety to our bird foods because we know it’s important to consider acceptability and palatability and to ensure that bird food diets are as varied and interesting (to the bird) as possible. We are one of a few bird food companies in the world that research their diets with experts in conservation and whose diets are used to breed rare and endangered species or birds as well as wild (free living) birds.

A bird diet can only be healthy, however, if it’s clean. Ours are SUPERCLEAN(TM). You might be surprised, though, to read that many bird food companies don’t bother to clean seed. Why? Simple. It reduces a process and therefore reduces costs. The dirtiest bags of seed are easy to spot, just sink your hand into a bag of seed and see how much dust is on your hand after you’ve retracted it. All that dust and waste husk is potentially being consumed by birds and that may damage a bird’s respiratory system – the dust and extraneous husk can damage delicate tissues and allow entry of pathogens. We’re getting closer to being able to say how much better our diets are because they are free from dust, dirt, thorns, chemical adulteration and potential pathogens. Please help us spread the word that, clean seed is healthy seed.

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