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When it comes to bird-keeping, like humans, our first consideration should be hygiene because in this way we can keep nasty bacteria and pests at bay. Although some bird-keepers feel that birds should survive like they do in the wild and that cleanliness is really unimportant, we know from experience that this is a recipe for failure.

Keeping cages, aviaries, birdrooms and all feeding vessels clean and disinfected is the most obvious way to prevent accumulation of dirt and bacteria and the transmission of pests and disease to your birds. Haith's are well aware that even the most dedicated bird-keepers will, one day, experience problems with their birds due to the insidious nature of many avian diseases and parasites so make available a whole range of healthcare products which may help the problem be prevented in the first place. The majority of these products are to assist in the maintenance of good health and to treat some of the minor infections, however if there is any doubt whatever with a bird that is “off-colour” we recommend you get veterinarian advice at the earliest opportunity as delay may have tragic results. For normal everyday health & hygiene this selection will help.