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Garden bird feeders

Wednesday, 6th April 2016

Garden bird feeders attract a wide variety of wild birds to your garden.
Garden bird feedersA large proportion of garden bird feeders in UK gardens is empty today. How do I know? Because I can see them on my travels around the country.

Why are so many empty?

This is not a trick question even if the answer is very simple, they're empty because no-one has filled them. Someone has taken the time and trouble to purchase garden bird feeders and some bird food and then either a). run out of food, or b). not run out of food but opted not to refill the bird feeder.

What a great shame for them the homeowner.

The birds? They'll soon find somewhere else to feed I'm sure; however, the homeowner is the one I feel sorry for as they're going to miss out on watching the birds as they put on their daily show, exhibiting their own unique and acquired behaviour right there between the front door and the garden gate. The enjoyable hours they'd get back in return for braving the weather would be worthy of anything commissioned by even the BBC. Their very own Springwatch, or, Autumnwatch right there for a few extra pennies per day.

I once was walking through the countryside and stopped to chat with a friendly gardener who'd taken on too much sun as had I. We stopped for a moment in the shadows created by the only shaded (or so it felt) in Derbyshire.

"Lovely day," I said.

"Aye, it is that." he replied wiping his brow with his glove.

"I couldn't help but notice that your feeder's empty, why is that?" I asked after momentarily plucking up the courage to do so.

"I don't put it out every day as the birds eat it all. It's in t' garage."

I'm not scoffing at that reply. Feeding the birds is a commitment and sometimes the cost of it gets the better of us - but I'm not quite sure what the deal was here. I'd have liked to have stayed and asked more questions but my wife must have thought the next question might have angered the gardener as she quickly dragged me away.

Bird food belongs in a bird feeder, though, not in the garage for any longer than necessary.

PS. If you're the gardener and you're reading this, please don't come and find me. But please start filling the feeder daily.
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